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Desc:Guess the past-their-prime rapper that's in this show
Category:Classic TV Clips, Pets & Animals
Tags:Rap, 90s, Horrible cartoon infinity, talking animals
Submitted:Spaceman Africa
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Comment count is 17

No no, wait... Slick Rick!
I liked this cartoon.
I remember it being okay. But it is still hillarious that this concept is real.

spiteful crow
all of these stars are for the afro-coaster at 0:14.
Why? It was that unique form of terrible reserved for cartoons pandering to preteens who like rap.
That was supposed to be a reply to Cena. Nice job, me.

I was attending a mostly black school at the time. My friends liked the show as well, as there were few cartoons out there with a black cast.

Caminante Nocturno
What the hell is that kid on the mailbox doing?!
It's called Malebagging. Don't ask for specifics.

These stars are for Triggerbaby, and not for the show the Japanese called "Talking Bear Demon Tempts Small Jungle Savage."

I guessed Sir-Mix-A-Lot, which it wasn't, but I was close!
You guys are finding some truly terrible shit today. God bless you.
I knew the rapper based on the bear sunglasses. Ugh.
Caminante Nocturno
I think you meant that the other way around.

At least, I hope you did.

Well, it's terrible, but certainly no WAYNEHEAD.
That bear likes his Funky Cold Medina.
I say Ton Loc.
It's hard to shake that voice after it came out of a lizard in Fern Gully
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