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Desc:watch him slowly go mad as his friends abandon him
Category:Educational, Sports
Tags:baseball, lonliness, english lessons, pumkin.com
Submitted:The Mothership
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Comment count is 7
Donny does homework in the box his pop built.

Sometimes it gets very hot in the box...his pop built.

Pope Caius
No, children. Lonney is practicing. What is he practicing? He is practicing his swing for when he bashes open the hulls of the ones he once loved. He is contemplating murder. But soon Lonney will discover the internet and start distracting himself by mocking those who are more pathetic than he. But he will only be biding his time. Waiting for the one misplaced laugh that will send him over the edge.

Do you want to know what a Jack-o-Lantern is, children?
Just letting you know, Mother, It's spelled pumkin.com
Why must they all look like grandparent butts?
The pumpkin said he is doing homework, and he's sweating.

I think David Lynch directed this.
He's studying for the school's upcoming Extreme Debate, where the losers are all baked into pies and devoured by their former schoolmates.

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