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Desc:has serious guitar skills, death metal growl at 1.18. To bishounen for 73Q
Category:Arts, Fashion
Tags:Japan, Sweden, visual kei, crossdressing, heavy makeup
Submitted:Simian Pride
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Resubmit:Simian Pride

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Comment count is 15
Not as fake looking as Courtney Stodden and he can actually carry a tune.
Not saying much, considering most men are better looking women than Courtney Stodden.

I'm a gay pedophile. cool.
American Standard
I am a fan of the coming post-gender world society.

Autotuned J-Pop, not so much.
Adham Nu'man
He puts a lot of effort into looking incredibly stupid.
If this was this guy's idea of getting lots of tail, only fat western otaku girls dig these Japanese crossdressing fruitcakes. So, good luck with that.
But... that's the best kind of tail.

Every time I think the visual kei aesthetic has run its course, something like this happens.

*didn't mean to reply

Eroticus E
I bet Japanese girls like it.

Japanese older women, too. This androgynous attraction is similar to older American women latching onto Justin Bieber or Clay Aiken... sexually non-threatening but still romantic in a sense, but more prevalent than in the US due to Japan's still very rigid gender norms. Such is my understanding, at least.

See also Takarazuka Revue.

Dude looks like a lady
Jet Bin Fever
His parents must be so proud.
I'm curious how this guy will be received in Japan.
'Cognitive dissonance' tag?
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