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Desc:Some space cadet interviews Spikebravo
Category:Educational, Cartoons & Animation
Tags:Interview, government, bullshit, spikebravo
Submitted:asian hick
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Comment count is 17
Corpus Delectable
"I first met Nick Bravo at a Toastmaster's meeting."

That alone got the five stars.
Err, who the hell is this guy? Actually, i have a feeling i'm better not knowing.
Oh no. You really must check out his body of work. He's an.... impressive individual.

I thought you've been here long enough to know this wonderful man.

Then i have some homework to do.

He has a rather substantial tag archive.

Unfortunately the video exchanges between myself and Spike are gone, probably forever, but he did actually come here to troll us for a while.

I hate that this man considers himself some kind of Socratic outcast in the outskirts of the forum or something.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Definitely not one of my favorite poeTV exhibits.
Long socks, short pants, and a novelty t-shirt. Bravo, douchey McDouchester.
He's a true rebel. He's not governed by societies sense of fashion.

Jet Bin Fever
There are varieties of pond scum a hell of a lot more interesting than this douchebag.
"A philosophy of..."

Cookies before bed.
American Standard
Unironic use of the word "sheeple" automatically invalidates anything you subsequently say.
The Townleybomb
I have never known that word to be followed by anything valid.

I didn't realize one could talk completely from their nose.
I see he dressed for the interview.
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