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Desc:'A documentary detailing my journey and recovery from schizophrenia.'
Category:Nature & Places, Educational
Tags:schizophrenia, johnjusthuman, unbroken people
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Comment count is 15
I sort of feel like this is an audition tape...
... but it isn't.

Christ. I always wondered how many schizophrenics saw The Truman Show and went SPIRALING INTO THE ABYSS

Here's to the day unbroken people becomes a linked tag folks
Thank god he didn't see Dark City.

jesus i hadn't thought of that

Five stars because these type of videos are always interesting to me.

I see this guy took a turn at cutting. I know a couple cutters, and I have developed this idea that what prompts cutting are A) a life that feels completely out of control, B) a need to exert dominance over some small thing (even if it's by inflicting pain on one's self), and C) the pain becomes a point of focus and distracts from all the out-of-controlledness.
Do a search for squidboot, a former poe user, a genius, and a schizophrenic who put himself back together again.

Some religiously derived cutters also use it as a guilt/penance routine, at least the ones I've known. It's frustrating to know someone like that, so this video made me feel good for everyone.

Jet Bin Fever
Really interesting and even inspiring. I learned something.
Thanks for posting this, I'm affected by mental illness as well and could really relate to a lot of what he said. I wish I had seen this in my darkest days.
You're most welcome!

If you found this fascinating I highly recommend the Mental Illness Happy Hour podcast hosted by Paul Gilmartin.
White Trash Party
It's cliche to say but he really is brave to come forward like that and share what must be very painful experience in order to help other people who suffer from schizophrenia.
Hats off to this guy for sharing his story.
big pincers
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