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Desc:Not the best way to revive a race that hasn't been run since 2008.
Tags:detroit, IndyCar, Belle Isle
Submitted:Seven Arts/H8 Red
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Oscar Wildcat
It took me a moment to realize that the material was there as an improvement over the gaping holes and cracks in the track. I guess everyone is getting their "Driving around endlessly in circles going nowhere" yaya's out by commuting these days.
The Mothership
So is this indycar's fault, or Detroit's fault? At least Detroit has an excuse as they're broke.
blue vein steel
It would be IRLs fault. The city wouldn't have an obligation to keep public roads roads maintained to a closed course racing standard year round, although i'm sure at least a smooth pavement guarantee was part of what ever contract their commerce and tourism boards had with the IRL. But, ultimately it's the sanctioning body's responsibility to ensure the safety of the proposed race course. Roads in Michigan are all shitty to begin with anyway, with all the snow

I'd say blame is 50/50 with city and contractor that did the work.

They did quick repairs that would match the road surface (guessing so they could be left in place after the race and/or for asthetics) After the race was red-flagged the race crews used quickset concrete to fix the fixes and those held for the rest of the shortened race.

Pot holes are an amazing addition to car racing which has arrived none too soon.
Where are the tire spikes and oil slicks I've come to expect in racing based off my years of experience with racing video games?

Australian V8 Supercar racing often uses oil slicks.

and World Rally Championship for tire spikes

Yeah, try getting to staten island.
If it's not already on here, I'll try and find the chaotic MotoGP race where a rider went down on the first corner and spilled oil everywhere - whereupon the dozy marshalls just stood by and didn't bother to wave the red and yellow striped caution. I think about six or seven bikes went down, followed by six or seven furious bikers swearing their way to the track officials office.
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