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Desc:Nick 'Spike' Bravo's standup comedy routine
Category:Humor, Horror
Tags:Mexicans, Memes, nick bravo, funny voices, LA traffic
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Comment count is 10
I am utterly confused by the amateur stand up scene. You hear that audience laughing? Well, they're a bunch of amateur comics, too. They all laugh at each others' bowl movement while we civilians look on with bewilderment and annoyance. I wish I could say that Nick is especially bad, but, even though the fact that he is homeless is funnier than anything he said, this is, as they say, par for the course.

5 stars for average, mediocre evil.
Dr Robot
He's in California, right? They're never this kind on the East Coast at open mics. And I should know, because Roachbud told me he worked at one such club. I forget what he did there though...

Yes, Dr. Robot, he lives in Los Angeles, where I live. Judging by his videos over the last year or so, he lives about a mile from where I grew up.

This is probably his grand scheme to finagle a free beer out of a drunk bro.

Jet Bin Fever
This is the one time when awkward silence would've made me a lot more comfortable than the human laughtrack thing we have going here.

No you do not have a friend that is a triathlete!

I'm an amateur heckler.
Why are all of his Youtube comments positive? The Youtube community is pretty awful and aren't known for being particularly nice, how is it that none of the comments are negative?
he probably deleted the honest (negative) comments and lavished himself praise with sock accounts. oh the pathology!

Jet Bin Fever
What newbilus said. Bravo is one of the most narcisistic, hateful, terrible people we post on this site. The only way he survives is floating in a cloud of delusion.

Jet Bin Fever
Doing overtly racist Mexican jokes in LA as an ugly white guy seems pretty risky.
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