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Desc:The Caiden Cowger show-- I hope he hates himself for this later in life.
Category:Classic TV Clips, General Station
Tags:gay, obama, the gays, Caiden Cowger, the product of irresponsibility parenting
Submitted:Jack Dalton
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Comment count is 14
Shitkids like this aren't allowed to use the word indoctrinated.
Ah, so he's totally fucking brainwashed. Good to know.
He trying a little hard to be Rush.
Really he's only about a half-million pot-pies and vicodins away. Dream big, Caiden, reach for those flabby stars.

This kids name is Caiden. How precious.
Voted this up in the hopper specifically to make a similar comment. His name WOULD be Caiden.

Even if he doesn't hate himself later, there are plenty of people who hate him right now.
ehhh, let him slide, he's just a dumb kid

says a lot that a kid this age has an audience for his political views, though
Sorry, I don't think repugnant adults should be given a free pass just because they're dumb.

Ditto for this shitstain kid.

In the unlikely event that he repents & becomes a decent human being, then I'll "let him slide".

He's imitating Rush Limbaugh completely and utterly. His entire style, cadence, method of speaking, it's all Limbaugh.

What a dipshit.
Goddamn, Gawker is a rape you with scripts-ass website.

Also, this kid is why the Bible has so much violence against kids in it. If I were God, bears would rip this dumb little fuck apart in front of everyone.
Joey The Cobra
He's 14, who gives a flying fuck what he thinks? Why has he got a radio show?
He's got a radio show because people give a flying fuck what he thinks.

His parents are probably rich and bought him one!

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