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Desc:Guy drives around the ghetto in a ghetto go-kart and creates a fail
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Humor
Tags:go-kart, go cart, go kart
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Comment count is 15
The Townleybomb
Man, the Shriners really suck anymore....
asian hick
Fail is a verb. Kill yourself.
Language ain't static. Get used to it.

Jet Bin Fever
I agree with hick. Language isn't static, but using fail as a noun is for lazy people with a bad vocabulary. This should say "creates mayhem" or "creates a hospital bill" or a variety of other fun nouns he could be creating.

language not being static doesn't mean people have to accept your shit.

Yeah fair enough. I try to be more clever than just lifting internet terms and I think I'm fine holding PoeTV posters to higher standards. My main point is that fail has become a noun, whether you like it or not.

But yeah, try harder sjohnson.

Fail will never be a noun because it will never meet the requirements to be a noun unless it's a name. It is only a noun to the illiterate. You cannot put fail in a pail, or be in a constant state of fail, like love.

Old People
damn, memedumpster's last sentence was almost lyrical.

Wonko the Sane
"creates a fail"
Eroticus E
Creates a fail.

Kinda funny, but the payoff was weak. I was expecting him to get run over by a truck.
Yeah, I was really expecting this to be one of those "Did I just watch a guy die?" videos. I'm actually very glad it isn't.

Oh no! I was actually feeling really happy while everyone was having fun, then was horrified when it went wrong and someone may have gotten hurt.

Help me, poeTV, I think I just had a normal human response!
Old People
That's kind of how I felt.

Oh no, that mack daddy Arte Johnson-ed his ride.
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