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Desc:it would seem even the self-proclaimed prince of darkness can get disgusted by dickgirl-hentai
Category:Horror, Humor
Tags:Charles James, chunk, hentai, hermaphrodites
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Comment count is 13
If I wrote this comic series, I'd have an all she-male/hermaphrodite/ transwhatever orgy story arc just to give this guy an apoplexy.

Even better, a story where the guy gets the girl and they enjoy each other in several different positions, only at the very end you discover the guy was actually a chick with a dick.

You would have to rely on vague and unrevealing angles which I don't think I have to tell you is impossible in hentai. Maybe she has a strap-on and it's revealed to be hollow and filled with her actual penis.


We'll rename the magazine entierly in the following issue. Something that says "Asia" but also "lots of cocks."

We'll call it Wang Chung.

No sir, he didn't like it
5 stars for the repeating of "chick with dicks" in this interview
Well if you didn't like the comic, i'll take it off your hands.

Oooooohhhhhh, shit. I spilled the beans.
He'll give them three more issues before he stops buying it. THEY ARE ON NOTICE.
Jack Dalton
I wonder if he would enjoy some post-modern hentai issue about the creepy men who draw these ladies. Then at the end it shows 10,000 guys that look like him enjoying the comic "in several different positions."
The Faghorn
Funny you mention that.

I found and downloaded an issue of this anthology, and the one I picked had a 'story' about some fat otaku's obsession with a model and how he'd regularly beat off on her photos. Then there was some old, liverspotted cretin and then I deleted the file.

But I think the point is that he's too far gone to feel any shame except the plain ol' primeval dick fear.

Abomination is one of my favorite words.
Syd Midnight
This goblin takes his jackoff material pretty seriously.
*insert your own Dennis Franz joke here*
I am pretty sure he starts touching himself at 2:40.
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