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Desc:poetv wants to know! Yes, America at its best
Category:Advertisements, Classic TV Clips
Tags:80s, Johnny Cash, national enquirer, Gates McFadden, tabloid
Submitted:big pincers
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Comment count is 20
Can you cheer up your wardrobe for under ten dollars this Christmas?

One Belt+three bracelets+one brooch+one necklace+a bow in the hair and some curls=Nope.
I was not aware Johnny Carson had been arrested and turned into a half-bird, half-late-night-television host monstrosity.
We just call it "Leno."

Gates McFadden didn't age much as Dr. Crusher. Lately she has though.
Dread Pirate Roberts
I was wondering if I was the only one who recognized her. Whats strange though, is that she looks much more like she did in the later episodes of TNG... but I'm pretty sure this is from before that?

If this is from 1983 then yes as TNG's first season was 1987-1988. I'm surprised nobody else mentioned it as it's the pre-load image. She was born in 1949, so she'd have been 34 in this ad. She was 38 to 45 in TNG.

What's interesting is that she was fired after season one then brought back in season three because her replacement (Diana Muldar as Dr. Pulaski) wasn't building the chemistry with the crew that Gates already had. Muldar as Dr. Pulaski did a great job and frankly was probably a better doctor than Dr. Crusher was - at least that's how the series portrayed her.

You have Patrick Stewart to thank for Gates coming back in season three.

Woah. Call me Gates McFrightened over here.

Oh, she was apparently a talented dancer (as referenced in the episode "Data's Day"). She did choreography for the film Labyrinth.
Meant for the above post. Bloop.

Does anyone remember when the Enquirer would do stories about UFOs and psychic powers and Bigfoot and all that? I do...and now I'm just starting to feel old.
What's worse, the first thing I thought was, "...and they did this without using Flash animation..."

Beverly Crusher was always the hottest officer on the Enterprise to me.

I guess Worf would have been second hottest.
Dread Pirate Roberts
Dr. Crusher was cute, but I personally always had a thing for Rau Laren.

When some crew members had problems, they'd go see the ship's counselor. When Picard had problems, he'd go see the ship's cougar.

That's Ro Laren. Not Rau.

If your response is not Tasha Yar you have not properly analyzed the available evidence.

Best scene of TNG? The 2nd(?) episode of season 1 where they repeated the "drunk virus" plot from the original series. Crusher comes on to Picard and he does history's most awkward throat clear.

That clip totally needs to get posted.

Johnny Cash can change anything into music, including his own EKG.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
What's going on with the Hoff at 0:14?
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