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Desc:A catchy tune about celebrating Margaret Thatcher's death.
Category:News & Politics, Arts
Tags:prime minister, british, conservative, margaret thatcher, Pete Wylie
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Comment count is 12
Are the any Europoens who have fun Margaret Thatcher stories? I would like to hear them.
I'll give this to the rotten old horse gash- she inspired a lot of great punk songs.

P.S. Hope she dies in hideous pain.
Caminante Nocturno
She's like a female Reagan, and I mean that entirely as an insult.
"Reagan" is not an insult. You're like the Obama of POE.

B. Weed
And you will inevitably turn out to be the Thomas_Covenant of PoeTV.

Syd Midnight
Ronald Reagan was like a lobotomized male Margret Thatcher.

... and its us conservatives who are the "hateful" ones.
You liberals pulled similar shit when Reagan died, yet Conservatives were respectful when Ted Kennedy died.
Stay classy, Progressives! But I do disagree with you, Cena_mark. I'm a Conservative and I laughed myself sick when that alcoholic, lecherous, Mary Jo Kopechne-murdering, philandering piece of sub-human garbage finally succumbed to that glorious malignant brain tumor. A few days later my friends and I toasted that tumor as loudly and frequently as we could while the rest of the bar watched his televised funeral farce.
I smile each time I think about him wetting himself while he choked on his spittle in those delightful final hours. I am traveling to Arlington this summer for the sole purpose of emptying a large Tupperware container full of my own diarrhea all over his grave.
I'm so very, very glad that he finally went the way of his equally worthless brothers. It is a shame, though, that it couldn't have happened when he was in his prime, courtesy of a crazed gunman's awesome headshot.
But, what are you gonna do, am I right? At least the horn-dog lush is dead. Hooray!

Oh, you adorable scamp!

Robotron: You're like those liberals who come to tea parties and yell out racist words, just to make the tea parties appear racist.

To the tumor! (We named it "Mary Jo's Revenge!" Isn't that just adorable?)
Eh, Tramp The Dirt Down by Elvis Costello is a better song about celebrating the death of Margaret Thatcher. It's just seething with hatred.

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