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Category:News & Politics
Tags:Censorship, porn, Mitt Romney, romney
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Comment count is 16
Man in the striped polo, "but... I like pornography."
"by that I mean the pornography, the drug culture, the violence, the sex, the perversion that bombards them day in and day out"

I can only assume "perversion" is Mitt's code word for "gays" here.
Also, Youtube's first recommended video for this one is "Cat Giving Oral Sex to a Dog Katze und Hund"

Outtumwa, isn't that Radar from MASH's hometown?
Wait a minute, they have internet in computers already?!
Caminante Nocturno
Yes, let the people who think the water is witchcraft try to clean it up.
it's pretty obvious that he's talking about parental control software
Yeah he was in that case, this is as far as he will go publicly. Though he has on other occasions promised to vigorously crackdown on pornography in general, in private conversations with morality organizations:

"Most U.S.-based porn websites, he said, could easily be taken offline during a Romney administration, because a handful of companies manage vast online porn networks."

http://dailycaller.com/2012/07/18/romney-campaign-quietly-prom ised-vigorous-porn-crackdown-reagan-prosecutor-says/#ixzz21IDpelPV

Aggro Craig
That statement clearly cost him the vote of that dude on the right at the end.
The Mothership
lost my vote.
John Holmes Motherfucker
Wow, he sure is handsome!
The most beneficial use of our legislators time should clearly be spent on restricting the free market of personal computers with more red tape. Let's put America back to work.
Well... Santorum would have wanted mandatory federal agents to break into the porn watchers' homes and drag them away for public stonings... so there's that.
I guess the bright side here is that he really has no intention whatsoever on following through with this in any way. He barely understands what he just proposed.
Fortunately, I have a cross section of fifteen years of gay porn standing by to be uploaded immediately into an underground porn site once the Romney Pornquisition begins.
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