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Desc:He seems pretty adamant
Category:Sports, Humor
Tags:football, gay, glory hole, Jerry Jones
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Comment count is 16
Everyone's laughing and riding and cornholing except Buster
John Holmes Motherfucker
Yet another example of life imitating THE ONION. Anybody remember the onion print piece where the guy talks about his plan to take his family to visit "the Glory Hole" on their next vacation?
John Holmes Motherfucker
Tried to find the onion piece, but I did find this:

http://ogrehut.com/trails.php/Sierra-South/GloryHoleLowerLoops ?tv=3

And apparently there ARE some people who take their wives to "visit the glory holes" on their vacation, but (hopefully) not their children.
The Mothership
here you go, chief.

http://www.theonion.com/articles/i-think-ill-drive-the-kids-up -to-the-state-park-to,10987/

John Holmes Motherfucker
Thanks. This is beautiful:

I try to be a good dad, but even so, I've been noticing this family drifting apart. We don't talk as much at the dinner table. We don't spend Sunday nights playing Clue as often as we used to. Our set of matching fishing poles is just collecting dust in the closet. I think this family needs to take a nice day trip. I know Bryan wants to go to the aviation museum, and Hilary loves the petting zoo in Greenwood, but I've got a better idea. I keep hearing about this "Glory Hole" up at the state park, and it sounds like just the thing.

I was going to clean out the garage this weekend, but the chance to commune with nature, standing in front of a Glory Hole, sounds far more alluring.

Oh god, I remember that

John Holmes Motherfucker
Repaired link:


Fuck you you rich piece of oil drilling shit, glory holes are a glassblowing thing and an anonymous sex thing. Nothing else. I'll stab you.
Jet Bin Fever
Which side of that are you concerned about protecting, the glass blowers or the anonymous sexers?

John Holmes Motherfucker


And I guess it's a cereal thing too

The Townleybomb
I love 'oil and gas exploration'!
Oscar Wildcat
The fact that an old republican is usually the active component behind a glory hole totally ruins it for me.
I never thought of it that way. That kind of makes it for me. I'm kinda sad now I didn't avail myself of that opportunity when I could still use men's restrooms.

fifteen years as a bottom have really messed with some minds at Cowboys camp
Blue white color scheme + passive ginger coach persons + talk of glory holes = Penn State Illuminati.
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