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Desc:KFC: We Got Those Bowls
Category:Humor, Religious
Tags:homosexuality, john goodman, colonel sanders, KFC, bette midler
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Caminante Nocturno
This went on for too long. That's a big problem in comedy these days.

Not like in the old days, when people's lives were shorter.
I'd say the problem isn't so much in the comedy as it is in the viewer these days. I think soon we'll have to start adding ritalin to the water supply.

Most comedy runs way past its premise. The early 90's weren't exactly halcyon days with Victoria Jackson or Rob Schneider stretching a joke to its breaking point.

That said, this really did drag on. But no one can give John Goodman less than four stars for anything but King Ralph.

Nothing says returning to a time of shorter lifespans like KFC!

I agree with Caminante here. The humor is drawn out and forced.

I have to agree. This would have worked far better if it were broken up into a series of faux-KFC commercials.

No one farted. Disappoint.

Maggot Brain
Oh, what could have been...

Props for John Goodman as The Colonel and Chicken Church ≠ Church's Chicken
You're all just a bunch of money mouths talking and eating.
Rodents of Unusual Size
So much gay chicken to love.
That chicken sure looks good
I gotta give this stars tho, because for some reason seeing John Goodman dressed up the Colonel Sanders made me crazy happy.
Which is why I submitted it. I did not know it would be this controversial.

John Goodman turns up in full costume and bringing Barton Fink levels of crazy, and you give him this weak script? Screw you, Funny or Die.
Let's just hope it's a warm up for a Coen Brothers scripted biopic.

With Steve Buscemi as the Colonel's eternal nemesis Ray Kroc, and Sam Elliot as the Colonel's trusted advisor, the ghost of Stonewall Jackson.

Jet Bin Fever
I'm glad that Mike Rose (from Channel 101 shows like Classroom) continues to get paychecks for playing the same stereotypical gay characters, but this wasn't very clever or funny.
Waiting for a response from Pope Yes (the Popeyes mascot that I once read about, or dreamt).
Whoa. Pope Yes.

I am going to have gay sex with literally the hottest person I know. Gay sex is fucking awesome.
big pincers
watching this gave me a case of goodballs
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