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Desc:An attack ad against a state senator's support of driverless cars
Category:News & Politics
Tags:florida, State Senate, attack ad, driverless cars
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Comment count is 15
John Holmes Motherfucker
God, I hate democracy!
It's an ad from Florida, so of course the pitch is "an old lady complains about newfangled gizmos."
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
Those devil-cars will surely put all the many professional drivers/chauffeurs out of work!!
It'd be hilarious if someone re-cut this ad promoting the vehicles as "Rapture-Ready Cars."

The voiceover could go: "God has been delaying the Rapture because he doesn't want you damned to an eternity of hellfire because your car became unmanned as you ascended to meet with Jesus. You would have made it, but your depraved indifference led to vehicular manslaughter and that's a damning offense. That's why we made the Rapture Ready Car. It will continue driving, safely avoiding the sinners who will watch as you soar into heaven. Order yours today."

Of course, we're still pandering to idiots, but at least it's not making them think they're about to live through a live-action version of Maximum Overdrive.

love the interspersed cuts of a driverless steering wheel making crazy jerky turns
Thanks Midge! or Dot, or Estelle....
Those are great names! Why haven't they made a comeback? I'm looking forward to a whole new generation of girls named Nellie or Gertrude, and not in a hipster-irony sort of way.

I just looked up the PAC behind this ad. It's a Republican outfit, and the ad... wait for it... is criticizing a Republican candidate.

Sounds like their target didn't say "tax cuts for Jesus" loud enough.
This doesn't surprise me one bit, but I want to guess it isn't because Jeff failed at pushing his Jesus-ness, but because they're hoping people will see this and go Dear Lord, this woman is a crazy old lady scared of progress, let's vote for Jeff Whatshisname.
See, bcuz I want the republicans to be failures, and this hopefully failed to backfire correctly. Hopefully, every person in Florida is going "Driverless cars? He's lost his mind. Republicans have really lost it this time." and deciding to never vote Republican again.

Yes, its only possible to have a single political issue prioritized at any one time. Florida will become a grim, lawless wasteland ruled by cannibals as Jeff Brandes mindlessly sends legions of silent, soulless automatons to cruise the highways.
Ok, I feel like I am the only person here going What The Puck, Driverless Cars?!
But really, why? How? For what reason?
I'm willing to believe it's because Jeff Brandes honestly believes he needs a Rapture-Ready car.
Good lord - you actually fell for the ad.

Notice: Jeff Bridges only /sponsored/ legislation that would /allow/ people to have driverless cars. He did not initiate it, he did not push it through anything, he just sponsored it.

There's a huge difference between a guy saying "DRIVERLESS CARS NOW FOR EVERYONE" and a guy saying "Driverless cars? Sure, I'll support that possibility/eventuality."

Florida: Where America goes to die.
Caminante Nocturno
I despise the elderly so much.
The Mothership
warning: those who deny the existence of driverless cars may be driverless cars themselves.
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