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Desc:It sounds simple
Category:General Station
Tags:MLM, SUCCESS!, smiling guys, overly bleached teeth
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Comment count is 14
SteamPoweredKleenex - 2012-08-21
It sounds like a more wordy form of "brownnose your way to the top."

And given that both of these guys are evangelical peddlers of book-sized fortune cookies, their actual business model would appear to be "pedal pseudo-religious bullshit."
fulakarp - 2012-08-21
This is one of those fake-found-footage horror movies, right?
jangbones - 2012-08-21
1) be white, rich, male
2) constantly weep about the dangerous rights of coloreds, poor people and women

thought you would ENJOY a little race trolling right back atcha
baleen - 2012-08-21
He said "it's been a few my friend" in a way that suggests he rapes strippers.

What horrible people.
lordyam - 2012-08-21
i got that same impression, for a second there i thought it was asmr

Simillion - 2012-08-21
Yeap, that's evil alright.
Millard - 2012-08-21
This guy is a fucking atrocious writer.

STABFACE - 2012-08-21
Damn, you weren't kidding. Beyond the self-help bullshit babble there are tons of missing periods and weird line breaks and shit.

baleen - 2012-08-21
"I climbed on a Greyhound bus to Houston and arrived with 25 cents in my pocket. Eventually I became a professional waiter, but I always wanted my own business. But I still had no money. Until I met my wife who is from New Jersey."

I really want to know how many years passed before his arrival and becoming a professional waiter. That seems like the best part of the story.

Father Avalanche - 2012-08-21
Before I met John Maxwell I was getting high all the time. I weighed 500 pounds. I was washing my dishes in the bathtub. But then a good friend of mine turned me onto Power Marketing and gave me a new brain.
Enjoy - 2012-08-21
I did a real LOL

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2012-08-22
With John Maxwell thinking for you, it's like...you don't even have to think anymore. All the old words that you would have used don't even apply. I used to think and that was the problem. The problem WAS the thinking. Now, I'm living the dream. The dream that John Maxwell makes so clear. With WORDS.

Deplorable - 2012-08-22
I just despise their smiles. Ugh.
Baldr - 2012-08-22
I had to watch it a few times to figure out what was bothering me, aside from the glowing teeth. At first I thought it was that their smiles never reach the eyes, since that's what most people with creepy smiles do. But it's not that, they're both doing the squint and everything.

Instead I think it's that they're locked into that expression like a freeze-frame. It's as if someone without a sense of emotion spent hours in front of a mirror trying to contort their face into the perfect smile moment, and then maintained it through sheer muscle-control for the rest of their life.

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