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Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:Japan, oh japan, WTF Japan, japanagory, nippon
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5 stars, japan has the best everything

and the followthrough is just...flawless.

it is perfection.
There was a video a while back that I can never find, but it was of middle eastern pranks, and is perhaps is the only prank video that could rival this. A little less ingenuity with the mid east ones but just as funny... I think one of them was "violently shove person standing near 1000 foot cliff!" or "hit man with empty oil drum for no reason!"

This was really, really well done.
I think I like the first and last pranks the best.
I like the rocket-chair, because it makes me think that Japan has a rehabilitation program for it's demented mad scientists that focuses their energy on prank shows rather than giant Tokyo crushing robots.

Although I do wonder why they didn't flicker the lights or create darkness during the ghost pranks.

rocket sled was possibly the best thing i've ever seen

I don't believe in ghosts, but that first prank would scare the living shit out of me.

God, Japan is light years ahead of us in prank yanking
I think it's more that they're light years behind our willingness to sue people over stupid hidden camera pranks.

I love how japan's culture of indifference to the possibility of tragedy allows them to do this without being fucking hunted down and murdered by a disgruntled victim.

The lady at 7:00 has perhaps the best reaction to a ghost.
Reefer Fez
With the exception of the massage chair segments, these were all pulled on celebrities, not regular folk. That's why they can probably get away with more adventurous pranks. In the last one, the guy playing the agent is actually the dubbing voice actor for Jack in "24".

ドッキリ パニックフェイス&# 12288; Search that term for some more of the same (prank- panic face)
Reefer Fez
ignore the random numbers

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