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Desc:Steve defines specific terms for a troubled teenage girl.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Horror
Tags:slut, whore, steve wilkos, Slut Shaming
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Comment count is 12
I was going to comment that it's remarkably gross that a grown man can delude himself into thinking he's helping a 14-year-old girl by calling her a "little whore" and humiliating her on national television. Then I saw that the top comment -- supporting his actions -- had 2406 vote-ups.

Five stars for the banality of evil.
Most of the top-rated comments are pretty gross.

"im giving it free" OMFG AHAHAHAHAHAHA I laughed my ass off hahaha and when he say "little whore" OMG HAHAHAHAHHA.

What a little whore!!!! Shes got a rude,rude awakening in store for her!!!
Daisy72762 3 years ago 708

im not a whore im a slut lol wot a lil bitch
Rob206206 3 years ago 761

Grandmaster Funk
I was etra creeped out by his offer for her to call him at the end.
Grandmaster Funk
And the simian hooting from the audience really gives me confidence in their social judgments.

The ending is the best/worst part. "Do you know what you can do with your pretty little 14-year-old self? HAVE A BABY."
5 just for the smug face on the lady at 1:11 right after he calls her a whore.
Koda Maja
My five are for the mother after Wilkos calls her a whore: "I tell her that all the time."

Well, she's technically right about the asswipe bitch part.
He's just helping her grow up to be a good wife and mother, which is all a woman could ever aspire to, right?
I know a few slutty chicks who turned into great moms. Who wouldn't want a wife that knows her way around a cock?

But yeah, this is disgusting. Harassing teenage girls for fun and profit.

Title is misleading, no one shames Steve Wilkos for being a slut.
I've always hated this man, but always loved his taste in shirts.
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