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fedex - 2013-01-30

wait a minute, shouldn't book trailers be true to form and therefore be printed pamphlets or something? I've always laughed at these because it's like using TV to try and get people to read books, which is kind of like using McDonalds to get people to eat salad.

Kabbage - 2013-01-30

Eh, whatever works.

Only time I remember seeing a book trailer without looking for one was when they were advertising STAR WARS: ZOMBIE STORMTROOPERS

Gmork - 2013-01-30

"The Postmortal really stood on top of me and peed on my face... eerily realistic"

-Justin Halpern, author of Sh*t My Dad Says

William Burns - 2013-01-30

The best new sci fi book I've read since Goneaway World.

Kabbage - 2013-01-30

This one was quite good, but just, incredibly dark. A huge part of what makes it such is that you know that the cure for aging would result in a world very, very similar to the ruined one he describes. It's nothing if not realistic.

Got any other recommendations? Gone-Away World sounds pretty good, going off the wiki.

William Burns - 2013-01-30

I could use some reccomendations myself. I love science fiction, but it's really hard to sift through the hack crap science fiction and fantasy to find the jewels. These genres are so bloated with Steven King clones, me-too zombie garbage and brainless, dickless Tolkien ripoffs that I usually avoid them all together.

William Burns - 2013-01-30

Goneaway World is a lot of fun, though. It's like Kurt Vonnegun wrote a preposterous action movie screenplay.

Innocent Bystander - 2013-01-30

I can recommend "Super Sad True Love Story" by Gary Shteyngart, even though it's more of the popular "literary fiction with science fiction trimmings"-variety. It's a very believable portrayal of a depressing near future.

Also "The Quantum Thief" by Hannu Rajavirta, which is more far-flung, hard-ass, engineering science fiction. Imaginative and enjoyable.

memedumpster - 2013-01-30

I've already seen Miracle Day.

I stopped reading fiction altogether a decade ago after not being able to finish any science fiction written after 1964. Sometimes I'll read other genres, but sci fi is dead in all media in the modern world. Unless this book is somehow more miraculous than the trailer implies.

Kabbage - 2013-01-30

It's a realistic look at what would happen if everyone could get the cure for aging. It has some interesting ideas, socially, about what would unfold as well.

I love the concept of the book, and how it was handled, but it's not much more than that. It does what it tries to do well.

memedumpster - 2013-01-30

My favorite epic, Cities in Flight, had immortals living in cities shot into space. One of the consequences that stuck with me was that allowing someone to age was considered cruel, so if you committed a crime that cost you your immortality, they shot you.

Senator_Unger - 2013-01-30

Try "Old Man's War" by John Scalzi and his two semi-sequels. Those are excellent and will completely ruin your day.

William Burns - 2013-01-30

Thanks for the suggestions! I will be reading all of these soon.

FABIO - 2013-01-30

Sorry. The last word on sci-fi immortality run amok commentary was Zardoz. Everyone else go home.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2013-01-30

I'm seconding Scalzi and adding Christopher Moore. He is mainly a humor author who dabbles in science fiction and fantasy but he makes them far more tolerable and hilarious.

Especially Fluke, Lamb, and the vampire novels where Safeway employees are battling Dracula.

Monty Cantsin - 2013-01-30

This book didn't do it for me.

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