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Desc:Yeah, she got busted... http://starcasm.net/archives/185533
Category:Crime, Humor
Tags:, Green Day, confession, bank robbery, too stupid to live
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Comment count is 12
William Burns
Tin says what on it does?
i can't fucking watch 10 seconds of this...
I made it 12.

On one hand, the story is pure POE magic. On the other, ugh, the clip is how long?

Uhg, it's at like quarter speed, all the writing's reversed... not worth it.

Apparently she had a history of mental problems, then tried to overdose and commit suicide at 15, then lost her virginity to a carnie at 17, contracted HIV, then either became pregnant from the carnie or somebody else (all she said was that he was "11 years older than her"), had a baby but couldn't raise it, so the government took it from her, citing neglect.

After that, it's a hop, skip, and a jump to car theft and a bank robbery.
Um, her life history is taken from what she says in her blog...

...this might not be the most accurate source to go on.

Read the story in the description...

Five stars of sadness.
Everyone who voted this low is lazy.

"I got HIV from being ignorant and selfish. I just thought this carnival worker was cute and he thought i was cute and it turned out he had HIV. He called me a few months later and told me. I knew I had it."

The link in the description is amazing.
This is pure liquid stupidity. Like, the kind you find in the fridge and it looks like a bottle of water and you drink a gulp and your friend is like "that wasn't water dude that was liquid stupidity you're totally going to have a bad trip and OD duuuuude".

American Standard
What a complete train wreck of a girl.
She looks like a Gelfling.
I guess she doesn't know how to uncheck the mirror option on her webcam. But then, telling everyone you just robbed a bank on YouTube doesn't exactly signify high intelligence.

Stars for the unexpectedly depressing link.
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