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Desc:Looks like U-dawg is going to have to put off Platform Masters a bit longer.
Category:Video Games, Educational
Tags:perfection, ulillillia, grinding, FF12, tedious
Submitted:Jet Bin Fever
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Comment count is 25
misterbuns - 2013-03-05
What a piece of work is man.
Hodge - 2013-03-05

Xenocide - 2013-03-06
You obtain a TANNED HIDE!

cognitivedissonance - 2013-03-06
Was the monster carrying a tanned hide or did the monster explode into ready-tanned hide?

Like how pigs explode into jerky in WoW.

Meerkat - 2013-03-06
This is the reward for completing the spanking quest.

Udderdude - 2013-03-05
He cares more about these games than the developers did.
cognitivedissonance - 2013-03-05
I care more about U-dawg than most people I know.

EvilHomer - 2013-03-05
So... his advice is save scumming? Twenty five minutes to say, just save scum like you do in every other video game?
crojo - 2013-03-05
i think you might not "get" Ulillillia

EvilHomer - 2013-03-06
Yeah, yeah, I know. It's just that I was kinda hoping he'd have some crazy Jedi trick to game the RNG, derived from hours and hours of observing it's mathematical behavior. Something like: "level up when the time on your system clock is divisible by 7 and you'll have a 72.318% chance to max out your HP gain"

Any idiot can come up with reseting until you get the results you like.

dairyqueenlatifah - 2013-03-06
It's funny you mention that, because the strongest weapon in the game can be missed if you open the wrong chests in other areas prior to getting to it, there's no indication. The only other way to get it is by going to a secret area late in the game and stealing, in which you have a 0.0000001% chance of stealing one, or so, everyone thought...

Well, someone out there played the game enough and examined everything through trial and error and SOMEHOW figured out that there's a way to calculate the mathematical formula in the game's code that determines whether the next thing you steal will be said weapon, and it's somehow determined by the last digit of total hit points with an odd number of hits you've taken away in the area.

Anyway, long story short, it actually works and I can't imagine what level of autism it took to figure that out.

STABFACE - 2013-03-05
Can we get this guy a NEA grant already?
boner - 2013-03-05
Jet Bin Fever - 2013-03-05
Oh, and tl;dw, stats for the characters are shown near the end of the video. Notice the XP.
Xenocide - 2013-03-06
I unironically love this game. But most of the major bosses are pushovers, making level grinding even more pointless than it normally is.
gravelstudios - 2013-03-06
When I finished FFXII, I didn't even realize I was at the final boss. Then when the game ended, I said "wait, is that it?" It was sort of anticlimactic. I really can't imagine somebody getting this obsessed over FFXII.

EvilHomer - 2013-03-06
I never played XII, but that's exactly what happened to me with IX. Most of the game was just a soft blur, and it took me a couple minutes to realize when it ended.

FABIO - 2013-03-06
Really? I remember having a bitch of a time beating the Sith guy on the bad guy's star destroyer right after Lando turns you over to the Empire. Then I gave up entirely trying to beat the giant bird boss guarding the temple to the artifact your party decided it needed to get in order to prove the princess' identity even though it had only been a couple of years since she was a public figure and she had dozens of former knights to vouch for her fuck why am I wasting time on this crap.

memedumpster - 2013-03-06
I was going to make the comment that I had the exact same experience with KOTOR II, but FABIO set the bar too high.

Xenocide - 2013-03-06
I figured I was at the end, but I really thought I'd have to fight someone else after that. It just doesn't feel like a JPRG final boss unless you're fighting a giant Space Jesus who explodes the universe every time he throws a punch.

kingofthenothing - 2013-03-07
I found an auto-leveling guide on GameFAQs. You can set up your gambit system in some temple, where this one monster shows up and summons other lesser monsters. You set up your team to only go after the weaker monsters and to keep doing healing magic or draining magic from enemies when it gets low; I forgot how it goes but it was retarded to see it at work.

I went to sleep and left the game running. When I woke up, my guys had gone from level 35 to level 66.

The rest of the game was pretty much autopilot at that point. My guys were strong enough for whatever came along. I didn't even have to intervene in the boss fight. I just watched them go. I got up to make a sandwich and the fight was over.

kingofthenothing - 2013-03-07
I mean "final boss fight". It was so ridiculous to just watch my guys win without any intervention on my part.

bopeton - 2013-03-06
Wait... he streams live on Twitch?
boner - 2013-03-06
Yeah, and the main apparent reason that Uli wanted to move into a new apartment with his sister was the possibility of faster upload speed.

Riskbreaker - 2013-03-06
It's all about the numbers for him. The bigger the better.
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