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Desc:I'm pretty sure I would puke.
Category:Horror, Nature & Places
Tags:sea, ocean, boat, toy boat
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Comment count is 8
Father Avalanche
This is my nightmare.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
They're going to need a bigger boat.
Is this, like, what they do all fucking day? I'm wondering if it needs some kind of "huge balls" tag or something
The Mothership
That isn't technically rough seas, but it looks like a rough bar; the place where a large river meets the open ocean. They are especially dangerous for small craft. The Columbia River bar for example is a ship graveyard.
what MS said, dangerous but not in a Perfect Storm 100ft wave kind of dangerous

Fellas it's been good to know yaaaaaaaa
Robin Kestrel
"Fellas it's too rough to serve you" was playing in my head when watching this.

Also, that would be a bad time to have to use the bathroom, I'd imagine.

Adham Nu'man
I'm pretty sure I would shit.
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