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Desc:Watch your six.
Category:Educational, Pets & Animals
Tags:Drunk, idiot, SXSW, no spoilers in tags, take a shower bro
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Comment count is 17
So, I enjoyed this.
A sea of phones.
That gets stars, in the face.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Primates being primates.

That asshole deserved it though.
James Woods
Satisfying tolchocks week?
I think we had Schadenfreude week last month

James Woods
To be fair, it's always schadenfreude week here.


As ball-less as I find sucker punches, this guy had it coming.
I'd let this one slide as it wasn't thrown to initiate a fight, but to stop one.

James Woods
The sucker punched also through a sucker punch at someone else just before he took one.

Sucker punch, pshaw. If you need to punch a guy, here's what you don't do: Stagger around imagining you're Muhammad Ali swirling your fists in the air going, "I'm going to punch you. Stand still, wait a second, here it comes, bit more, soon going to punch you, really going to do it in a second..."

Punch a guy.

James Woods
I just raise my hands in the air, yell TIGER CLAW, and kick them in the nuts.

Hey, it's my city!

10 seconds later...

Oh shit, I know that guy! The first dude who gets hit from the bully-fellow is an acquaintance of mine. I'll have to ask him about this and his ineffective post-KO kick.
I have heard that Austin is a fantastic city of music, art, and constantly novel expressions of culture.

Those people lied.
SXSW doesn't count.

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