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Desc:My father and I as long-haired Enterprise bridge crew in 1992.
Category:Short Films, Classic TV Clips
Tags:Star, Trek,, Klingons,, cheese,
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Comment count is 15
How does it know I'm watching this at home? SORCERY!
"Proudly presents" gets five stars.

I have friends who have done this that will never show me the video. I applaud your incredible courage in bringing seven minutes of absolute gold from the furthest reaches of your dignity.

I watched the whole thing and am rating accordingly.

Also favoriting.
That guy
I made it just through the first Klingon scene, and I'm rating this accordingly.

My neighbours did that. They said it was fun. Then the dad got busted for beating the rest of the family on a regular basis, so maybe their definition if fun was skewed.
Jet Bin Fever
Those poor kids in engineering!
23rd century powder-monkeys

is this canon?
The Mothership
So cheese, is that you saying 'Klingon wessel', giving the Willhelm Scream, saluting the camera, or waving as you get beamed?

Oh god, the pillow fight.....
My father and I are bridge crew, so I'm the one with the really long hair, my father is the one that turns into a black guy when Kirk walks through the elevator.

This looks like goofy fun.
I like it because this same story has been filmed over and over and over for likely thousands of different families... so some paramount warehouse probably looks like the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark but all the crates are filled with these movies.
Caminante Nocturno
So who played the tentacle monster?
Meatsack Jones
My vision of what engineering really looks like when Scotty is not there is realized!
All stars for those zany Klingons.
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