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Desc:Combining both of your favorite things
Tags:children, puppets, Cuddleuppets, blankets
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Comment count is 9
"Daddy? Why does my blanket look like it's stoned?"
Also, the preview image is kind of sinister.

"Make them TALK!"

Ah, hello Herr Monkey. I see you ver found mitout papers again after curfew. Zat is quite unfortunate, and I fear it means you'll be our guest for several days vile ve sort zis out. In ze meantime, I have a list of names I vould like to go over mit you, starting mit your relatives...

Here you go SPK.

This is the kind of thing i'd have loved as a kid. My parents, however, would have regretted buying it for me after about ten minutes.
Those are some ugly kids.
Jet Bin Fever
Some day I will realize my dream of having my entire house replaced with things that are also blankets.
Caminante Nocturno
My two most favorite things are a brick of marijuana the size of a corgi and a woman who's older than she looks.
Never change, ol' buddy.

That gave me the best laugh I've had all day, thanks Caminante.

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