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Desc:He just wants to get on fixing his bikes, right? But his neighbours keep stabbing him in the bum.
Category:News & Politics, Crime
Tags:paranoid schizophrenia, Gang stalking, Gangstalking, organized stalking, djrobo101
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Comment count is 5
sasazuka - 2013-04-27
Oh, this guy. I was looking for new "gangstalking" people and found this guy and linked a couple of his videos but then found StalkedInBoston with her hilarious confrontation videos and pretty much forgot about him.

This guy is fixated on someone named Beth and her mother, whom he seems to think has the psychic ability to cause him and his dog physical pain, and he says she's constantly taunting him by repeating, "Do you know what I am capable of?" all night long. While I presume "Beth's mother" is probably a real person, I'm guessing the taunts are just paranoid schizophrenic auditory hallucinations.
Jet Bin Fever - 2013-04-27
Thanks for the background info. There are some great moments in this. I liked the part about 2 minutes in when his mom provides the voice of reason... for about 30 seconds.

SolRo - 2013-04-27
Ehh, these videos are starting to get outta hand.

This is starting to be (and a couple times actually is) laughing and making fun of homeless people.

Are we not better than this? Yeah, we aren't, but I'd like to pretend we are!

There are so many more willfully stupid people, or delusional via stupid, posting videos out there that it's unnecessary to keep dredging up these legitimately mentally ill individuals.
gravelstudios - 2013-04-27
I see your point, but just to play devil's advocate:

These individuals uploaded these videos onto Youtube because they want people to watch them. If their privacy was being invaded or they were being harassed IRL, then it's gone too far (which is the thing that bothers me most about someone like Chris Chan), but when a grown adult, even one who is mentally ill, decides to post something on the internet, I just can't feel guilty about being entertained by it. As I said before, they post it because they want people to watch it, and I watch it on my own terms.

That doesn't mean I don't have sympathy for them, or that I don't think they need help, but there's practically nothing I can do for them, except watch the video they put on the internet because they wanted me to watch it. Maybe without realizing it, they're doing a public service for the mentally ill by bringing their situation to light. I dunno. I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you, just offering a different point of view.

baleen - 2013-04-27
Portal of Evil recognizes evil even if it cursed and wrong and bestowed upon innocent men like these from some hellish plane. This poor, poor guy. I watch with sadness and compassion. I hope he manages to have some comfort in his life, and that he doesn't kill his mother for violating him anally with psychic daggers.

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