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Desc:and there's poop involved
Tags:house, poop, baboons, infestation
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Comment count is 13
Cheeky little bastards. Baboons are by far my least favorite kind of monkey. White Faced Capuchins are the best.
Not cool. I remember that when I was a kid, I had a dream that my neighbor's house was infested with baboons. Seriously.
Of course there's poop involved. See that Georgia O'Keeffe-style painting on the wall. A baboon did that, with his own poop.
Balls of steel. I would not be going inside with them, much less cornering the fuckers. First, they're monkeys. Second, they're the most vicious kind of monkeys. Third, their teeth and shitting for dominance culture.
That guy
Baboons are what combat shotguns were invented for.

Fourth, they don't give a fuck.

They had a broom.

The comments.
Jet Bin Fever
Welcome to the monkey house. A great way to get rabies, by the way.
'im just going step out for a second! you take care!'
"That guy didn't want to listen!"

I wholeheartedly believe that, on some distant planet, a bunch of aliens are watching video footage of earth and saying all of the exact same things we're saying here.
I don't think I could ever get used to living in a part of the world where people drink Tab.
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