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Category:Educational, Science & Technology
Tags:guns, DIY
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Comment count is 14
Racketeer - 2013-05-14
I wonder if they have a copy of that 3D printed gun now.
zerdzer - 2013-05-14
the title is very misleading... NONE of the guns here are not homemade, the closest thing to homemade was that submachinegun he showed at 1:20, which looks like a recreation of a WW2 era submachinegun. the rest of the guns they show in that video are NOT homemade. there are modified shotguns, shortened for concealment. that's just an illegal modification.

anyways, who ever heard of a person committing a crime with a god damn home made submachinegun? how often are fully automatic guns even used in crime anyways? anybody think about that? anyways, the shortened shotguns he showed were the most dangerous thing in that collection of guns.

i don't think a DIY tag is needed on this video at all, sorry
zerdzer - 2013-05-14
er, ALL not NONE

Hooker - 2013-05-15
It would have actually been best to keep the none and drop the not.

Hooker - 2013-05-15
And drop the capslock so you don't look like a douche for no reason.

zerdzer - 2013-05-15
i knew somebody would talk about my grammar and capitalization

let me tell you though, i feel bad when i see this video here like this, because it's actually dishonest and misleading. there's no DIY here at all.

i was really hoping to click this video and look at a bunch of gnarly homemade gun engineering, but instead the guy proclaims the ATF has "a tremendous number of homemade machineguns", then just goes around showcasing guns(a few were modified, one that was potentially made illegally with illegally obtained machine parts, but most of which were completely factory made). the implication is that crazies make fully automatic guns in their own homes to commit crimes with! but that's really not true at all, it's just shitty fear-mongering

Old_Zircon - 2013-05-15
I weighed the benefits of each option and I've decided to keep it as is just to be a dick.

Old_Zircon - 2013-05-15
Plus sawing of a shotgun is totally DIY.

Gmork - 2013-05-15
The sawing is the DIY part. The making of the original shotgun is not DIY.

This is a rather large difference.

Old_Zircon - 2013-05-15
It is still DIY, is it not?

zerdzer - 2013-05-16
the title of the video says "homemade gun collection". how many guns are actually homemade here? 0

how many guns fit under "DIY"? most of them don't. so it's still dishonest

Spaceman Africa - 2013-05-15
0.53, that's 1.5 weapons per person. And the libs are keepin' that down.
Gmork - 2013-05-15
"The majority of guns in the US are not registered or traceable"

Actually the military has a pretty good system of inventory.
FreeOJ - 2013-05-16
I like that suitcase gun
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