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Desc:'Shouldn't We Wait & See If Child Can Survive?'
Category:Horror, News & Politics
Tags:fetus, Gohmert, This is what republicans actually believe, disgust, brain dead
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Comment count is 12
Well, he seems to be functioning while completely brain dead. Maybe he was speaking from experience? I kid, I kid.... what an asshole.
Credit where it's due: at least the GOP is trying to cultivate a new generation of voters rather than suppress votes.

Cough gerrymandering cough voter ID cough

Oh wait, was that sarcasm? It's late.

The Mothership
This man claimed to have sympathy and empathy.

He said that.
Well isn't that what you're supposed to say? Other people can talk about sympathy, empathy, phlogiston, and the like, and nobody gets on their cases.

il fiore bel
You didn't hear? He very quickly added "for a kid in utero. Fuck the rest of you" under his breath.

So all of those studies showing conservatives lack sympathy and empathy for others must've finally sunk in. Of course, I mean that they've heard the words and decided they should start using them, not that they actually have those qualities. That would be ridiculous.

il fiore bel
Shouldn't WE wait? No, faggot.

If the couple wishes to wait, that's their choice. Not yours or mine.

I know what he means but I still laugh when he asks should we wait until the child is born "before we decide to rip it apart?" No, Gohmy, I don't believe it's any better to rip apart a child that's full term.
Oscar Wildcat
"Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go vote on the repeal of Obamacare so they'll be no federal money to take care of the brain damaged child I am deciding that you need to raise and care for".
That guy
Classic Gohmert.

He's like a kinder, gentler, Dr. Phil. It's obvious he cares, if you close your eyes he sounds like Alan Jackson.

Baby murderers.
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