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Category:Classic Movies
Tags:Superman, fan film, bad CGI, ACTING!
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Comment count is 4
"Why's the general not wearing regulation pants?"
"Dude, you ever seen the way the top brass acts on the weekends? We're lucky he's wearing pants at all."

Anyway, this is still miles better than most of the syndicated Superboy TV show.
Fan films are the stupidest thing out there. Why would you invest countless hours of time, immeasurable effort, and god knows how much money into something that you do not own, can not sell, and will always pale in comparison to the real deal?

I'm joking, obviously it's because getting sloppy blowjobs from a small group of comic book neckbeards matters more than actually growing as a film maker.
The Great Hippo
What, you can't grow as a film maker by playing around with other people's toys?

I mean, I think at some point it's probably healthier to go out and do your own thing, but c'mon -- all superhero movies are just this with a bigger pricetag and wider audience.

Man of Steel is 250 million dollar fanfiction.

He could have at least tried to buff up a little bit before he put on the tights. Skinny Superman doesn't quite work.
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