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Desc:Creationist sets the record straight
Category:Educational, Religious
Tags:creationism, LOL XTIANS, Frank289100, lol noo yawkers
Submitted:Spaceman Africa
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Comment count is 11
Check his YouTube activity. For a godly man promoting creationism, he likes to swear at people in all caps a lot.

Must be the Brooklyn accent. And being a moron.
The God of Biscuits
5 stars for being incredibly stupid, but -2 stars because it's so empty of any sort of logical thought that it's a bit boring.
The argument isn't that interesting, but I'm substracting stars because that shovel noise was painful to hear with headphones on.

I think the fact that it's so mind-numbingly empty of any sort of logical thought is what makes it worthy of five stars.

How is this man capable of operating a shovel?

CIWB, even more impressive: This video was uploaded about a month ago, and ol' Frank is still defending it in the comments.

Clean dirt? This video made me literally face-palm.
Jet Bin Fever
Shame he didn't hit a gas line.
lol 'Muricans.
Hey uploader. potholer54 is a tagged name in these parts. Just so you know.
Oh, yay, Roger revealed his epiphany:

"20 years ago I was trying to break into the music industry. I met a girl who introduced me to the existence of a spiritual world that exists around us. By a face to face meeting I can assure you the Devil exists. At that immediate moment as an atheist I knew GOD existed and the teaching in the bible were true. My story of the supernatural compares to Roger Morneau's. THE WISDOM I GAVE GAINED IN THE FIELD OF THE SUPERNATURAL IS MASSIVE. IT IS A YOUNG EARTH AND YOU HAVE LEARNED LIES."

I love how the second and third sentence could be interpreted as him saying the girl was the devil. Also, we can see his descent into madness was the result of a broken dream of being in the arts.
And, you know, probably a shitload of drugs.

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