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Desc:At 3:45 you can see all seven of its neurons firing simultaneously.
Category:Horror, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Twilight, nuttymadam3575, refutation of an ordered universe, british teeth, hampire
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Comment count is 21
Wow, the Hampire got real excited in this one.
It's like she unhinges her jaw like a boa constrictor.


Five stars for Hampire.

Also, shouldn't she be out tossing a tree around?

Sorry. Drunk tagging. Mispelled Twilight. Help from the mod's to get this thing properly tagged?
why don't you just click edit?

Teased Vagina
It could also do with the 'nuttymadam3575' tag to link it with her other videos

Ah okay. Got it! Thanks my wee klingerbling.


I wish I could make a show that people liked without so much as a single self-referential thought. This show is eternal in this poor, pathetic creature's life.
oh god you again
You half think she is just kind of being a ham the camera, but then as it goes on it gets scary. I almost feel pain watching this.
Natalie from Facts of Life is not looking good. And fix your volume you fat spaz you are gonna burst my speakers.
Persephone S. Tight
Isn't this the same hampire that lost her shit because the other twihams had the nerve to be somewhat put off by the werepedo?
You mean there's more than one of them?

Perhaps one divided...

I know a fat fangirl like this.

Yes she's a virgin.

Needs a "british teeth" tag
Both of them are going to have trouble living the fantasy when Ed and Bela finally do the nasty and produce a half-vampire something-or-other, since (much like being a vampire) it's something they probably won't experience.

For added fun, you can give them a DvD that has the adventures of a half-vampire in it, but I somehow don't think they'll like "Blade" as much since the acting and writing are far beyond what they're used to.

I think you meant to reply to the person above me

Such noises!
OH MY GOD!...wheres the "hambeast" tag?
Heh. The Google ad that comes up for this video:

"Kill Bad Breath."
Rodents of Unusual Size
I just watched this back to back with that Indian Hulk clip and it's like I'm watching the same clip.
Sub-human. Sub-fucking-human.

5 stars. TAKE THEM!
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