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Desc:Hint: it's because he's batshit insane
Category:Educational, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:NWO, Multi-Ethnic Destruction In America, Microchips, Marked for death (re: refusal of ass-fucking)
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Three things: 1) I drive by this bookstore all of the time. They have a huge banner outside that says "WE SHIP TO PRISONS". 2) Will Smith's first movie was not "Six Degrees Of Separation". It was his third movie. 3) I stopped there.
He is batshit crazy, but he was very much reluctantly kicked out of the group and let back in later on. Chuck D does most of the writing so he keeps things sane.

Keeping things sane with this dude and Flav in your group makes one eligible for sainthood.

Kidnap Chuck D and ship him off to the UN. World Peace.

La Loco
He's like Alex Jones, David Icke, Gary Busey and a angry black guy rolled into one.
I like how, for years, this guy's whole thing has been "I never said anything bad about Jews in that interview, it was totally misinterpreted." but then he moves on to: "But Jews are actually the cause of all the problems in the world and are covering up the original article."
Too bad his professorship wasn't tenure track.
Hahahaha, holy shit, once it hits crazy, it never slows down.
Juice Eggs McKenna
That's a very thin book
It was all over MTV, Griff. There weren't no Internet saving every clip. Well, 5 for "the fucking jews and homos" insanity and for the security of the first world.
I know it's confirmation bias but the more someone says "are you following me" the likelier they're a nutter.
Rodents of Unusual Size
The Mothership
For the MEDIA anagrams.
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