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Desc:no context
Category:Classic TV Clips
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Comment count is 15
If this clip started five seconds earlier, you could hear the woman say, "Hey Bill, can you repeat what Pat Roberston just said to you in the men's room?"
If you want to teach the audience about the war on terror, first you have to make them laugh.
How does this show handle the subject matter? A couple of my friends have been badgering me to watch it, but I'm horribly, horribly sensitive to subtext when it comes to shows like this. I nearly gave up on The Wire during the first season, over it's pro-wire-tapping agenda.

The first season is pretty great, the second turns it into some hilarious 24-level bullshit.

Basically it's a great fit for Showtime because if Dexter and Weeds showed us anything it's that they love taking promising shows and running that shit into the ground while destroying just about everything that made those shows interesting in the first place.

Seven Arts/H8 Red
So, what you're saying is, this man is a metaphor for Showtime's handling of original series?

The only thing that was promising about Weeds was the concept, kind of. I thought the first season was horrible, I can't imagine how it gets worse from there.

the season finale of season two is the reason i'm probably not going to watch anymore.

There's some levels of 24 in there, but it does point out the hypocrisy of calling middle east bombers terrorists while dropping hellfire missiles on their residential areas. Also the ineffectiveness of an airstrike against Iran and the shit it would cause.

Rodents of Unusual Size
I was about to ask the same question. It looks like a sexier version of 24 only more subtle in its attempts to brainwash me. I'll pass.

I've never heard of this show. I have no idea what it's about. Since this clip is shorn of context, I'll interpret it in my own ways:

- This man is angry with his daughter.

- This man is ranting about a celebrity of some sort.

- He didn't like the "Breaking Bad" finale and he's ranting about Vince Gilligan.

- He's angry at Joss Whedon's latest attempt at a movie or TV series.

- He just watched a French or Spanish movie about a teenager's sexual awakening and this is his three sentence summation of the plot.

- He's giving an oral report of "Fanny Hill."
Rodents of Unusual Size
It won Emmys in season 1 for Best Drama and Claire Daines for Best Actress in a Drama and some other awards.

I watched the first five minutes of the first episode and tapped out.

In this clip, the character (a middle eastern diplomat they are trying to get info about a terrorist operation from) is being threatened by our CIA agent protagnists with the information with the knowledge that he frequents gay bath houses, with the assumption being that his superiors will kill or punish him for it.

He does not give a fuck!
Sanest Man Alive
You lost me at "CIA protagonists".

Stars for unapologetic dicksucking, though.

Jet Bin Fever
It's the fourth yummy that really drives the point across.
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