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Desc:Self-righteous pseudo-intellectual 'Goth' covers all the cliche bases!
Category:Horror, Humor
Tags:goth, whining, rules, pretentious, Gothic
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Comment count is 27
baleen - 2012-12-12
I'm so glad all the scientists in the world feel their inner science and don't let anybody tell them how to dress.
DriverStabby - 2012-12-12
I used to hang out at the Mercury in Seattle. After I was done with that phase, I got tested. I am an extremely lucky man.

Around that same time period, there were some guys running around downtown Seattle and Cap Hill with baseball bats, attacking goths. At the time, I thought, "what a bunch of intolerant redneck frat-boy assholes, who can't stand anyone being different. I hope they try that shit when *I'm* around!" Within one year of hanging with Seattle goths, I was ready to buy those redneck frat-boys some better baseball bats.

More to the point, she's ugly and her voice makes my head hurt.
baleen - 2012-12-12
You do not understand the point of this website yet. Welcome aboard.

urbanelf - 2012-12-12
Here are the PoeTV Rules:

5 stars = 5 stars
4 stars = 3 stars
3 stars = 1 star
2 stars = 3 stars
1 star = 5 stars

EvilHomer - 2012-12-12
I'd like to hear more about your adventures with the disease-riddled goths.

SteamPoweredKleenex - 2012-12-12
There's also the one about 5-starring a video when you agree it's among the most evil things you've seen (religious nuts whose logic calls for mass executions, Victoria Jackson, Honey Boo-Boo, anime, etc.) but also 5-starring it when you love what it's about (a clever music video, a pet being awesome, something big exploding, anime, etc.).

I'm not sure what it'd be called. "The law of good and evil coming full 5-star circle jerk?" Someone else should name it.

Change - 2012-12-12
Fuck your rules, old man.

simon666 - 2012-12-12
There also started a trend of "giving" your stars to comments you like. I'm not sure why we do this, but we're stupid and so we do stupid things.

You get "kudos" too if you make a YT video directed to us at PoeTV. We luuuuuuvvvvv that.

Also, if you want to start off as a troll, then find redemption a la Cena Mark, that's cool too.

Basically, we're dumb and I haven't any idea why you created an account here. Fart.


Udderdude - 2012-12-12
I had the idea for anti-stars which would be blue, used for rating things which are evil. But I doubt it'd ever be implemented.

urbanelf - 2012-12-12
Really? Blue?

Old_Zircon - 2012-12-13
Stars for all of you.

The Mothership - 2012-12-13
5 for urbanelf's breakdown of our rating system. brilliant. I would also like to hear more about Seattle underground culture.

baleen - 2012-12-13
I went to the Mercury once. It was really sad. I can understand why he'd want to kill goths. That being said goth bashing should not be confused with gay bashing. That was a serious problem for decades, when the Hill was plagued with skinheads of the bad type and roving douchebags.

EvilHomer - 2012-12-12
Jump cuts are uber goth.
SteamPoweredKleenex - 2012-12-12
"Same with any subculture - we wear what makes us feel comfortable because it's who we are - not a decision."

Let me know when the "Goth Gene" is discovered and isn't already labeled as one that contributes to mental defectiveness.
chumbucket - 2012-12-12
By the 5th set of air quotes I was just tuning her out.
Jet Bin Fever - 2012-12-13
I was about to "comment" about the "air quotes," but then I "saw your comment."

Chancho - 2012-12-12
blah blah blah blah blah blah I shit bats blah blah blah blah blah blah
Doomstein - 2012-12-12
My most recent ex was a Goth/Wiccan. She was every bit as pretentious as the woman in this video.

Except she also believed that she had magical powers.
Comeuppance - 2012-12-12
I once dated someone who described herself as Pagan.
She absolutely would not accept that scientology was technically "Pagan."

memedumpster - 2012-12-13
We call those "tinkle hippies" because of the sound of the crystals banging together. I may have gotten that term from poe red, I honestly can't remember.

White Trash Party - 2012-12-12
And LIKE if you want to be LIKE "goth" you have to be LIKE born goth.

There I saved you 11 minutes.
fluffy - 2012-12-13
Thank you

Callamon - 2012-12-13
Show us yur tits!
Prickly Pete - 2012-12-13
sjohnson301 - 2012-12-13
I come here for this kind of stuff. More of this and less video game shit plz!
pyslexic dharmacist - 2013-08-19
9:17 pretty much sums up my feelings.

Also I can't stop staring at her ears.
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