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Desc:Evil aside I want some bourbon mashed potatoes
Category:Religious, Classic TV Clips
Tags:Christian, black people, athiest, mashed potatoes, look who came to dinner
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Comment count is 46
What's an "athiest?"

WTF is this?
Oscar Wildcat
They're like niggers, but everyone is still free to hate and discriminate against them with impunity. Now pass me those bourbon potatos...

That's a silly simile.
Atheists are more like Jews during the holocaust.

Adham Nu'man

I know what an atheist is. Not sure about athiest, tho.


I was trying to be snide about the typo.

Jet Bin Fever
yeah, I did the same thing below too. Whoops.

athiests are the most MOST atheist

Unwatchable Black Television


you can see the frustrated ignorance of having to accept that as an answer
I like how every joke is followed by an awkward lull in the dialogue, as if they're pausing for a laugh track which never comes.

I said I'll HANDLE it (even though he's *your* boyfriend so you should handle it, and even though there's nothing to handle, he's an atheist not a wolverine)


Adham Nu'man
The God of Biscuits
I always mentally replace "God" with "Odin" and "Heaven" with "Valhalla" when I'm listening to any arguments like this.

"How can you love anyone if you don't love Odin?"
Hugo Gorilla
Calculon playing the role of the exasperated black lady. The older lady, not the one dating Atheist Smug Eyebrows nor the one eating potatoes like she's taking cough medicine.
Jet Bin Fever
Why do Christians think it's okay to push someone out of their life for being an athiest, but if an athiest did that same thing because someone is undateably Christian, it's persecution? This made me so nothingness-damn mad!
Jet Bin Fever
bad spelling is contagious I guess!

My first thought was "as someone who wouldn't share an oxygen tank with a Christian if we were both floating in a space disaster..." so I guess the actual answer is they know a lot of us (and by us I mean me and those broken like me, not speaking for you) fucking HAAAATE them, and wont hesitate to behave just like they do if given the solitude and opportunity. They know we're the same, and they are the worst, and that scares them.

Jet Bin Fever
I think you need to take the moral upper ground and love everyone and treat them with respect regardless of their beliefs. Point out the hypocrisy, you know?

I agree, but my intellect and my animality have two opposing opinions. On an animal level, I hate like a motherfucker, but intellectually, I want the best for all life. This has left me as an "adult" wherein I love the universe, but hate the earth. Love existing, but hate life. Love knowledge, but hate the horrible truth.

I am a contradiction between despair and hope, and I despise both states on a transcendental level. In actuality, I would share the oxygen with the assumption that the Christian would then go on to slaughter a million people, making it my wretched fault, which is why I wouldn't want to share to begin with, but would, because the universe if fundamentally morally rigged for abomination.

: )

Wow, that's my philosophy in a nutshell. I'm slightly less vitriolic towards christians in general, but ones that single themselves out as jerks definitely get the memedumpster treatment.

I've been an atheist my whole life and I have nothing against Christians, the vast majority of who haven't cared what I believe. It seems baffling to me to "motherfucking hate" someone because they have a religion.

Adham Nu'man
To summarize, memedumpster is a Bouncer.

Sexy Duck Cop
I know this site doesn't allow responding to threaded posts any more than a Wild West saloon, but goddamned memedumpster is the worst poster here.

Worst poster here, god I hope so. That makes this place pretty great. I'd rather be a Christian than a bouncer though. Wait, are there Christian bouncers?

I'm a Christian and Christians are universally, unilaterally awful, myself included. Would you like to talk about what's wrong with Christianity at a Bible study, and I could share some literature with you?

You're too cool to be a Christian, cognitivedissonance.

Self-righteous black dad, your voice is fucking delicious. Mind if I send you to hell by way of sloppy makeouts?

It's a testament to the terrible writing of this show that the atheist ends up looking like the only halfway decent human being in the room. Also, bonus points for making him part of the liberal media elite.
Yellow Lantern
It's so bizarre that Keith David can be in both this show and Saints Row.

Goliath, noooooooo!

What is in their wine glasses? Tang? Orange drank?

That's almost as offensive as their reaction to him being an atheist.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
I loved him in Ghostbusters.
Jack Dalton
It's offensive to Christians, atheists, and black people...This must be some sort of sitcom anti-art statement...
How is this not satire?
pyslexic dharmacist
According to the black atheists I know, this is a documentary.

And if you thought Christians were bad, imagine coming out to your conservative Muslim parents.

One of the few uses of 'black people' tag that isn't racist in some way. Christian biggotry is pretty big and acceptable in the black community for some reason. (obviously against atheists, but gays also)
"Why didn't you tell me you were an atheist?"

"Bitch, we spent every sunday fuckin' and you never once tried to drag me to no god-damned church. What kind of Christian are you?"
When Keith David said "I'll handle this," I was genuinely expecting him to get a broom or something and start shooing/swatting the guy away.
I'll never understand why people who don't believe in God anyway would have a huge problem with pretending to if it made social bullshit a bit easier.
pyslexic dharmacist
Oh, we don't. The consequences start at 4:37, though.

This is meeting a girlfriend's parents, if you want to go through the bullshit of having the lies you spout at this sort of dinner come to light way later and at the worst time, go for it.

I think those are called principles, CD.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Revolting on every level. Five stars.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Also note how they just assume HE threw his parents out of his life instead of the other way around. And he doesn't clear it up because obviously it's usually the Christian parents disowning atheist children.

This is so awful.

And yet, it could never happen in real life. There's no such thing as an atheist who won't tell you about it immediately.

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