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Desc:Lindybeige is the best thing on Youtube.
Category:Educational, Nature & Places
Tags:Evolution, boobs, SCIENCE!, lindybeige, open question for poeTV to ponder
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Comment count is 16
Who exactly is his proposed audience (and we don't count)?

And does he only own one sweater or did he do like David Mitchell and film all of them in a single day?
Different sweater. Don't think I'm not watching.

He has a bunch of sweaters, many of them hand-knit by his mother.

Is there any topic this man is not an expert about?
None that matter.

Truly, an oracle for our enlightened age. Plus he has a lovely speaking voice.

global warming. hopefully we can get him and potholer54 together and solve this.

I actually like his global warming videos. I don't agree with him on the fundamental issue, but I do agree with his points about reason, civility, and debate winning the day. The discourse around global warming is far too political for anyone's good, and I for one would much rather listen to a sober dissident than a hundred screaming True Believers.

Breasts not inherently sexy???O_________O???
No, sexiness derives from their function. We've evolved to think that breasts are sexy (obviously), but, according to Lloyd, we did not evolve breasts *because* they were sexy. I always just sort of assumed that human breast growth had followed evolutionary logic similar to that of the plumage on a peacock's tail; that is, larger breasts were the result of a reproductive arms race run amok. But his point about the inherent un-sexiness of breasts (from an evolutionary standpoint) is well-taken, so who knows?

It's good news for Caminante, at least.

Where the shit is part two? This being called part one with no part two is a pondering tease if there ever was such a thing.
No clue. I don't believe he's released that one yet, as he's been busy with swing dancing tutorials and producing his own quasi-steam punk science fiction series, Stoke Mandeville, Astronaut and Gentleman.

worst salad fingers episode ever
Why do autistic scholars have bad taste in sweaters?
I love sex but I don't want to have a bunch of kids. I'm an evolutionary dead end.
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