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Desc:Someone made a browser game based on BUBSY 3D to promote a James Turrell art exhibit. Or something.
Category:Video Games, Arts
Tags:autism, videogame, ulillillia, bubsy 3D, stan burdman
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I almost submitted this one, too.
Where's Ulililia when you need him?
One thing about BUBSY 3D in general, and I'm talking more about the real game than this homage, is that people rag on the graphics, and to a certain degree that is understandable, but I actually like the bare, untextured polygon-fill look. Straight polygon-fill graphics (as in VIRTUA RACING, STARFOX, or BUBSY 3D) are so primitive and rudimentary that I think they've aged better than so many textured 3D graphics on the original Playstation that look just like a bunch of ugly pixels now in retrospect.

Not saying BUBSY 3D is a good game by any stretch of the animation, in fact, I've never played it and have only experienced it second-hand, mostly narrated by Ulillillia, but the graphics do appeal to me on a primal 3D level.
Should be "by any stretch of the imagination". Not sure why I wrote "by any stretch of the animation", weird Freudian slip, I suppose.

I think "animation" is applicable.

Incidentally, I never gave a link to the browser game, if you don't feel like going to the video page to get it.


Obvious enough, but I should probably give it anyway.
Koda Maja
The video cuts out before Bubsy transforms into a depressed, middle-aged man crippled by his own responsibilities.

No, really.

Jack Dalton
Almost all video review commentary on YouTube is painfully lame-- it's kind of a shame, but the video is pretty great with the volume turned down.
This is some dada, incredible interactive art, hahaha.
Jet Bin Fever
I thought it would be an unimaginative ripoff but done really clumsily. It wasn't a ripoff, it was so so so much more.
The crates of ART

I'll have one ART please.
Koda Maja
Seriously guys, if you haven't played the actual game (linked by sasazuka above) you absolutely should. What's shown in the video is just the tip of the iceberg.
I added the URL to the title of the page to make it a little more obvious.

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