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Desc:ARCHIELUXURY may be gone, but his legacy lives on through this remix made by Blue Tongue!
Category:Fashion, Arts
Tags:rip, remix, legacy, archieluxury
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Comment count is 12
Archie's prompt reply to my email:

Hello (removed),
I would love to catch up with you!
Weekends are great! Perhaps we can meet up at my place? (location removed) way?

Let me know what date you had in mind.....


I wonder how many people have taken him up on this offer, or if you are the first?

Gday Archie,

Thanks for the prompt reply!
The next weekend I have free is Saturday the 21st December. Would lunch be suitable? Perhaps around 12:30pm?
Sure, I can go around to your place - just let me know the address, and where the shed you are renting is located on the property.



Can I please have your phone number?
To make sure you sound acceptable to Archie?



Dear Archie,
Certainly, my number is: (removed)
I work odd hours, but you should be able to get me between 2 to 4pm today (Sunday 01/12), or between 1 to 3pm Monday.
Failing that, I have Tuesday to Thursday off this week.
I do hope I make the grade.

Oscar Wildcat
Fantastic. If anything calls for a break in the Prime Directive, this is it.

Tell Archie we love him.

Archie is post-warp, so this falls within the First Contact protocols of the Prime Directive. I need to know if there are any good watches he approves of with a 24 hour face.

Does that mean morva will have to greet him in his Starfleet Dress Uniform? Please say it does.

What kind of watch will you be wearing?

upper-lower class gshock. i'll have him appraise it.

Jet Bin Fever
Do you have a date by which, if we don't hear from you, we should contact the police?

This man should be our president someday, screw the 14th amendment.

This is how I imagine the Emperor of Man to sound & act.
Jet Bin Fever
When he dies, it will be from being crushed by a set of luxury suitcases or a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
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