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Desc:RWW have had to use lawyers to stop this guy taking down their YT channel http://tinyurl.com/m2aowh9
Category:Religious, News & Politics
Tags:Christian, Health Care, Right Wing Watch, Gordon Klingenschmitt, copyright troll
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Comment count is 4
I don't suppose "Chaps" here has complained that Jesus has abandoned him since RRW can now continue its "hate speech" against him.

"Hate speech," in this case, defined as "posting the crazy whacked-out stuff I spouted while I'm trying to run for office in Colorado."
"Dr. Chaps"! The name alone makes me want to try my, er, hand at being gay.
Sanest Man Alive
"Klingenschmitt" is the german word for dingleberry.

If there's anything that pisses off Jesus Christ, who cured lepers, fed a hungry multitude, raised the dead and asked nothing in return of those saved, it's charity for the ailing and less fortunate.

Having grown up christian and then left the faith, I want to personally flay every greedy shitpile like this, who tries their damnedest to get their self-righteous hooks back into government so they, through the letter of the law, can tell everyone outside god's house to get fucked on an anthill, the way it used to be.
Hell yeah fellow ex Christian. If you do the flaying, I'll do the crucifixion and Hellraiser taunts.

-sigh- no that's mean, we could just deport them to a few islands or something. Call it the rapture archipelago.

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