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Desc:We have such sights to show your grandmother & any prospective employers...
Category:Science & Technology, Crime
Tags:google, blackmail, extortion, Google Plus, search history
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1:59 was a little too close to home :(
The New Meat
Yeah, pretty much.
DuckDuckGo motherfuckers.
Duckie and Startpage are my favorite crime-fighting duo.

Sadly, there is no real alternative to Youtube at the moment. They won't have my search history, but they will have my video history, which is almost as damning.

Also, I've cut my ties to the telecoms and switched over to using Google Voice as my primary phoneline, so my phone contacts and newly machine-readable voice messages (thanks Google, way to look out for fun new data mining methods) are fucked, too.

Thankfully, I rarely ever use my phone, and when I do it's not for anything objectionable, so that's not such a big deal. My biggest worry on that front would be Google combining these two worlds and sending my video history to all of my contacts.

Oh wow, I'd never heard of Startpage. Five stars!

I moved over to DDG completely, I haven't used Startpage in a long time. That and Ghostery at least make me FEEL a little less violated.

Startpage is good because you can still use the image search. DDG has a nice friendly duck mascot, though, so I feel more comfortable around it.

Meme- ixquick is another good one; it's made by the same people behind Startpage, and is basically Startpage minus any connection to Google whatsoever.

That guy
If anyone finds out that I watched that Glenn Close pussy slip I will dig my own grave and lie down in it.
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