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Category:Classic TV Clips, None
Tags:Conan, Jordan Schlansky
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Comment count is 8
Oh, Shlansky and your overbuilt chest. Never change.
These are fucking great.
That guy
I don't care how staged these are or aren't. They are always hilarious.
People used to think Chris Chan was staged. The lesson from that is that we should never underestimate how weird people with autism can be.

Autism combined with wine-snobbery and being a foodie.

It's the insufferable trifecta.

Shlansky seems to be high functioning, BUT, and this is important, I think it's been emphasized that he's unquestioningly loyal to Conan, obsequious to an absurd degree, and actively inoffensive within the entertainment industry. He is less an autist and more a sociopath.

*internet pipe in internet mouth, puffing internet smoke*

As long as we're armchairing a diagnosis, I'd like to throw covert narcissism/son of a narcissist out there. Many narcissists are socially withdrawn and mistaken for introverts.

What I find really unpleasant about this guy, is he's demonstrating how my own inability to make eye contact without thinking about it is probably really unsettling for everyone else.

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