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Desc:Exactly what it sounds like. I've spoken with several people who have lamented watching them all.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Cartoons & Animation
Tags:He-Man, 80s, cartoons, kids, She-Ra
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Comment count is 30
thinking back, the "fake" ghostbusters was way more interesting than the "real" ghostbusters
Killer Joe
Damn. A lot of those were much prettier than I remember.
So you're the most powerful man in the universe. That's no reason to punch me in the face. Asshole.
No Silverhawks? Gyp.
Albuquerque Halsey
22:50... ugg
All things considered, I spent my youth very well. But damn it did I hate the Littles.
Were the Smurfs, Snorks, and Count Duckula from the 70s?
murph the surf
Missing: Kid Video, Amazing Spiderman, Lazer Tag. But there were a few goodies (Bravestarr!)
Optimus sure voiced the openeings for a lot of 80's cartoons.
Daughters of Uzbek
No C.O.P.S.? Bummer.
A billion universes of stars just for Dangermouse. Greatest cartoon ever? Yes, yes it was.
Spit Spingola
So much awful (Catchy DIC Heathcliff theme excluded))
Meatsack Jones
5 stars for D&D. Only damn, 6 lvl 1 characters versus fucking Tiamat? Talk about killer DMs.
Wait, isn't he supposed to start singing 4 Non Blondes?
Inspector Gadget's and Dangermouse's cars are the coolest eighties cars ever not built.
j lzrd / swift idiot
I honestly can't believe some of these existed in between the ones I know did exist. Mindfuckery.
I liked this. A lot.
Gilligan's Planet?!!? Also missing Thundercats, Silverhawks, and StarCom
Rodents of Unusual Size
God the Littles was so creepy. And Beetlejuice was seriously weird (in a good way)
My entire childhood passed in front of my eyes. Also, did Scheimer produce everything in the 80s?
Billy the Poet
They spent so much time foisting crap on us that we all decided to like it. Also: the original Transformers song sounds like it was written by Steely Dan.
I am disturbed by the number of those that I still know the lyrics for, and by the fact that I am still attrracted to the cartoon representations of Janine from ghostbusters and Lydia from beetlejuice.

Inspector Gadget was a pretty stupid show, but I forgot that it had a great opening. That's probably the only reason I watched it at all.
Also, I do not recall the Orbots fighting Goatse, but there it is, right in the opening credits.

I should probably hold all my coments till the end, but uh... I had completely forgotten the existence of Captain N.

Brave Starr was one of the best shows ever made - its universe / plot was pretty original.

I'm sad there was no Saber Riders in this comp.
doc duodenum
Trobbit people? I didn't expect those.
Those are NOT the fucking Ghostbusters. I did enjoy the ghosts henchman morphing into an Apartheid colonel though.
Now that was a cool trip down memory lane!
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