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Category:Cartoons & Animation, Humor
Tags:garfield, Rick and Morty
Submitted:Shoebox Joe
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Resubmit:Hugo Gorilla

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Comment count is 11
I'm all for shitting on Garfield, and I love me some Rick and Morty, but this episode was probably the laziest thirty minutes of anything I've seen in a long time. They just threw together like six of seven sketch ideas and put them to paper, without editing or refining a goddamn thing.

I guess it was kinda funny how little of a shit they gave when they made this ep?
Garfield is great.

Rick & Morty is great.

Gazorpazorpfield is great.

White guilt is great.

infinite zest
I think it was kind of a good middle of the season breather, after an especially dark episode preceding it. It reminds me of the stuff on Channel101, and the Fake Doors commercial that segues into this is great. But yeah the story on top of it was pretty lazy. Let's not forget that the Simpsons does a clip show at least once a year.. or at least I think they still do.

Plus episode 8 was really really good.

infinite zest
Also I like how Gazorpazorpfield eats enchiladas instead of lasagna

Shoebox Joe
I love how all of the scenes intended to be humorous were edited in with a horrible family breakdown.

PS: Did you know Wil Wheaton would frown if I called anyone who didn't get it a giant nerd?

infinite zest
Are you saying that there's an episode of TNG where Wesley views an alternate reality where he's not everybody's (including Worf's) little bitch?

It almost has a somewhat IMPROVISINATIONAL tone

Our universe is truly poorer for not having Lorenzo Music in it.
*not longer having

*no longer having

*points to schlong.

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