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Desc:78-finger Guitar, 22 Drums, Beyond-Human. Squarepusher and robot band from Japan.
Category:Science & Technology, Arts
Tags:Robots, Squarepusher, , Z-MACHINES
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Comment count is 30
Are the songs composed by a human or generated by computer?
Void 71
It's impossible to tell with Squarepusher because he's a good enough jazz musician to compose this kind of stuff from scratch. It probably has some generative elements just to save him the trouble of manually inputting it all into a sequencer.

infinite zest
ZIMA? I haven't thought about you since the late 90s (don't knock it til you tried it, Zima and Orange Juice is delicious!)

Seriously though this is cool. San Fransisco's Captured by Robots does something similar but it's a different, mostly comedic take. It's amazing to see live but I don't really like the music on its own without the robots. Squarepusher on the other hand.. I haven't thought about Jenkinson for almost a decade. This and the new Aphex Twin have rekindled a love for a genre that's mostly been taken over by anyone with Ableton Live and a decent PA system.
infinite zest
(err.. new Aphex Twin announcement) :)

Void 71
Aphex has been dabbling in this sort of thing since Drukqs. He used a mechanical piano for a lot of stuff on that album and he also has a machine that triggers real percussion. Makes me wonder if Squarepusher going public with this technology pushed him into releasing a new album.

infinite zest
I guess there's going to be listening parties in a couple of days (as of Sept. 2nd.) I'm really excited. I hate to sound all hipstery but when I first heard Idiotheque I wasn't impressed. AFX Squarepusher and the like were doing that for years. So all of a sudden everyone likes it, but it felt like this weird forcefed appreciation because it was Radiohead. You're in college so you like Radiohead. I dunno.. the band's genius but anyway I put on Red Hot Car at one of our house's parties and people started to leave, which was taken off and replaced with Idiotheque and everyone started dancing again. I was like "goddamnit..."

Scariest looking band to ever play boring financial institution advertisement sounding music. 32nd notes, fifty guitar picks, no memorable melody.

Hal and Oates.
Van Halon.
Yngwie Malmsteam.

infinite zest
Darby Crash :)

infinite zest

Cradle of Filters.

Stop being racist against robots.

p.s. I am stealing Yngwie Malmsteam for my steampunk band.

I'm not racist against robots.

I have robot friends.

Oscar Wildcat
Rage Against The Human

infinite zest
Linkedin Park

My Life With the Thrill Kill Switch.


Miley Cyberus
Lacuna Tesla Coil

infinite zest
AquaBATs. Oh wait.

infinite zest
config.system of a down.

infinite zest
Insane Clown Possexe. Ok I'm done :)

Null Diamond
11110 Seconds to Mars
Wired Al

The Botels
Turing Amos

...and David Bowie.

infinite zest
Lou Read. Goddamnit..

infinite zest
Creedence CRLwater Revival

Grand Funk Download.
The Electric Firewire Hub.

infinite zest
Velvet Resolver

Mister Yuck
So when are they gonna put this in The House on the Rock?
infinite zest
Hahahaha I loved the House on the Rock! I went there on mushrooms once.

infinite zest
PHPeople Under the Stairs
infinite zest
ok that's my cue. :)

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