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Desc:They need to crank these out before the whole cast dies of old age
Category:Classic Movies, Horror
Tags:boy, Phantasm, Reggie, Don Coscerelli, sequel hell
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Comment count is 15
Oscar Wildcat
Billy the Poet
I might need a bit of a hand remembering how the plot is unfolding on these things.
wow I can't believe Angus Scrimm is even still alive...

...OR IS HE???!!
I'm not sure he's actually in it: they never really give much of a close-up.

well, given the subject/poster synchronicity, I'm going to go with YES! he is still alive, AND in fact he is in this very room with us RIGHT NOW

No joke guys, i am literally in this movie.

I'm the monster guy in the mask with all the tubes.
Did you get to hang out with Reggie?

Jet Bin Fever
congratulations on your success.

Not really. We sorta chatted. It was weird. Don was trying to hide what the film was. We didnt even know it was a phantasm movie until we saw the dwarf costume.

I know for a time you could book Reggie for your birthday party or Bahmitzvah, and he'd come and play some songs. I'm pretty sure the songs were phantasm based.

I guess I should have some faith in Don Coscarelli (John Dies at the End was great) but this seems like a really poor idea. Phantasm 4 ended on just the right note.
I'd give it a chance. They managed to keep the filming under wraps for the most part, which is kind of an achievement in this day and age.

5 for phantasm.
The balls of steel are back.
lieutenant halfabeef
Perfect submitter, too.
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