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Desc:Too cocaine for 73q
Category:Crime, Business
Tags:blow, Stitches, pinhead, brick in yo face, juggalos gone right
Submitted:unknown specimen
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Comment count is 20
I blame Riff Raff for this.
Richard O'Brien?

clearly this is Magenta's fault

"Between some alley"
Only he isn't, he's in the ally between two buildings. Way to ruin my suspension of disbelief there, rapperguy.

Artistic Direction: "Strobe."
Maybe I'm not at all clear on the business model but if you "front a brick" you really aren't expecting cash payment at that specific time. Correct?
I believe so, that's why he wants his money later or something.

The Mothership
He appears to be stimulating the capitalist desire within the sub-boss dealer who is being fronted the brick, who will be responsible for street-level distribution. So 'what you gon' do wit it' translates here (according to my analysis) as 'are you going to be able to sell this brick of cocaine powder for a profit, or are you a scrub?' Backing up this motivational speech is an overt threat that if the fronted brick is not reciprocated, violence will ensue.

so this video emerges as a deconstruction of a classic retail motivational speech; perhaps akin to a Radio Shack manager telling his employees that if they don't sell those 30 Motorola Razr's from 2012 that they just got on a discount with a quickness, they're all fired.

A most astute analysis, Mothership.

Jet Bin Fever
This should be enshrined in a museum somewhere.
wah wah WAh wah wah wah WAh wah wah wah WAh wah wah wah WAh wah
Don't talk business in the car, don't talk business on the phone, and isn't there some rule against talking business in the dope-ass rhymes you're slinging 'cross the net?

This drug dealer is not very bright, and a real professional like Gus Fring would eat him alive.
Hard to believe someone with an AK-47 tattooed on his face is not all that smart.

unknown specimen
He doesn't have to worry. Didn't you hear him he's got extendos

Chocolate Jesus
oh shit duck king is rapping now
SNK has to make money somehow...

Well, I've got a rule that any time I do blow I won't do it again for a month after that. So, I guess snort some and stash the rest?

Ok, well, cya later.
What a nasty set up for an AK clone: adjustable stock. And what's with that shotgun? Looks like a BIG5 special.
It's an SKS with a shitty stock, a cheap bipod, an airsoft scope, and an adjustable AR style buttstock. It's definitely BIG5 material.

Also, wasn't this the main baddie in 'The FP'?

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