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Desc:The classic two-drink drunk chef makes some weird eggs and babbles charmingly.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Arts
Tags:food, Drunk, eggs, huevos, galloping gourmet
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Comment count is 12
this guy is a mix between jacques pepin and the guy in father ted who got the jumper-cake
I have one of his cookbooks from the 70's. Everything you ever wanted to know about butter and meat, it's in there. His wife had a stroke in the 80's and now he's a vegan.

But OH GOD stay away from his sugarless, wheatless brownie recipe.

You will not shit for an entire pay period.

That guy
just..... flitty Brit cooking Mexican food and being funny while he does it

Make sure to only use about one barely crushed clove of garlic for 30 seconds. We're not barbarians.
He makes modern TV chefs look like try-hard know-it-alls, what with their proper cooking times and putting the egg in the right dish.
As a kid, I watched his Minimax show every day. He's easily the best TV chef ever.
Binro the Heretic
I grew up watching Graham Kerr, Julia Child and Jeff Smith. Not only were they good at cooking, they made it clear the viewer could be a good cook, too. Also, they were all charming and interesting and seemed like they would be fun to hang around.

I can't think of a single modern TV chef I can say that about.

Well, maybe the guy who hosts "18th Century Cooking with Jas. Townsend & Sons" on YouTube, but he's technically not a "TV" chef.
Jeff Smith was always annoying to me. Then he diddled a bunch of boys and it hammered it home that he was one of my least favorite chefs in TV cooking history. Kerr and Child were always great. I never saw this era of Kerr, which I think is his most fun because of the utter nonchalance at which he poisons his viewers with an excess of fat, alcohol and sugar, only unlike Deen, it was classy and fun and he didn't know any better.

Billy the Poet
The best thing about Jeff Smith was the Phil Hartman character on SNL.

Binro the Heretic
Holy shit! I never knew that about Smith. Yeah, he's much less enjoyable to me, now.

Justin Wilson never did anything like that, did he?

Kerr is high Swinging Sixties London hotelier hetero-camp. He's a performer. He's great. Watch the "Gateau St. Honore", where he cooks a pudding cake thing in a tuxedo.

I love everything. I disagree that all his food is slop. By our standards, it's extremely excessive. Some of his recipes are straight out of camp 60s cookbooks, but his traditional Euro meat dishes are really amazing feast material. He really will teach you a whole lot about meat, where to cut, how to cut, all the crazy shit you can do with a fish. He's a product of his times but also a great teacher.

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