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Desc:Wait for it...
Tags:dumbass, wait for it..., swag, yolo
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The Mothership
Why are all the related vidoes butts and twerking? 3 stars cause it screams fake. just look at the pixels.
This is a vine. There's an endless number of "girls fail sexy vines" compilation videos that all have butts as their preview as click bate. I don't know if they're popular or just promoted with money, but they've really infested youtube related videos lately.

Oddly, I get way more interesting and relevant related videos when I'm not logged in to googletube.

infinite zest
I'm just calling fake on your "3 stars." Now what up. #yolo420justcalledout

Trust me, my co-workers always fall for the sexy girl clip bait related videos - these companies have their bored office 18-34 year old men figured out.

Fucking hell I just finished watching 3 straight hours of vines and found almost all of them to be funny. I must be tweaked out on meth or something.

infinite zest
The thing I like about Vines is it's just like Instagram or Facebook. It can be a beautiful landscape or a dick pic. Or a beautiful landscape with a dick in the foreground for all I know. It can be a poem or an emotionally moving sentiment or inviting someone to play Candy Crush. There's some really good ones. I guess someone got a show on I think Comedy Central, not sure.. one of those channels through their Vines alone. It's kind of like getting discovered as a street musician and suddenly having the potential to become a rock star.

infinite zest
Oh and you have five seconds to do it, which is about the time I spend scrolling up and down facebook unless it's something important. It sucks that it kind of killed 5 Second Films' concept though.

There weren't enough butts in 5sf. Survival of the fittest.

Rodents of Unusual Size
He seems delightful. I would like to subscribe to his swagletter.
Well, that trigger had to be pulled like six miles before the penis went off, so I'm calling blank.
The dead little girl upstairs would beg to differ.

fake vines now? come on, poetv you're better than this.
the fuck is a vine
That's what grapes grow on!

See how clever I am....

From my understanding it's basically a mishmash of things like the style of Robot Chicken, the medium of YouTube and the average intelligence of spore fungus.

Tits and ass preload images for hits so they can get that internet money.

It's an app that records exactly 7 seconds of video, but only records when you touch the screen so it's possible to make different shots.

The humor potential is actually pretty high and right when it first came out there was some funny shit. Now it's just all attention whoring garbage and fake crap like this.

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